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Break the language barrier!

We perform professional and efficient interpretation services. We respect confidentiality and code of ethics. We may assist you in:
  • Business: prospection, site and plant visits, commercial negotiation, sales, exhibitions, congresses...
  • Tourism: private trips and site visits
  • Inter-institutional events: study visits, twinning programs, multilingual events in local entities (city councils, regional councils...), foreign delegations...
  • Training: seminars, in-service or external small group trainings
  • Private issues: as an individual, you may need the assistance of an interpreter to communicate in a foreign language on private business or personal life issues for instance with lawyers, notaries, real estate agents�We can offer flexible competitive and confidential services

About interpretation

There are various modes of interpretation that are determined according to the type of event:
  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous
  • Liaison
  • Visio conferencing
As these methods are different in modus operandi, they consequently require specific media. Please contact us for more information.

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