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Information monitoring

It may not seem obvious, but information monitoring is part of the translator-interpreter's tasks. The translator-interpreter regularly comes across an impressive amount of information he needs to sort out. Understanding, managing and labeling such information is a routine process for language service providers.

Active information monitoring is a more sophisticated process usually requiring standards:
  • preset search criteria
  • carefully selected, validated and labeled sources
  • appropriate and telling presentation features for the readers and for the professionals involved in the processing and analysis of the information (observers, specialists, decision-makers...)

Based on your specifications and objectives, we can work out summarized and/or detailed thematic files for each of your information monitoring settings and indicators. We rely on all relevant professional and technical means to deliver the best output:
  • specialized and traditional media
  • private and public sources
  • B to B direct contact
  • web 2 and web 2.0
  • the "pull" method, which means actively searching and tracking information from relevant sources as opposed to the "push" method:

At Tradulo, we are aware that for organizations, information monitoring is a task that involves collaboration. To foster a useful and fulfilling experience for your organization, we want to collaborate as partners. You may expect from our services:
  • "anti- infobesity" support
  • content analysis and summary
  • multilingual input
  • possibility to compare your outcomes with external ones to make sure nothing is left to chance
  • focus on data and facts which are less perceptible at first sight so you do not miss out key leads
  • time optimization and reduced pressure on your organization's resources
We deliver tailored solutions to both one-time and regular customers. Our information monitoring services are available in the following languages:
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
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